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  • Art Lover Ground
    Os queremos anunciar que los días 23 y 24 de Enero de 2021 nos han seleccionado para el Evento Internacional de Arte y Diseño Art Lover Gr...

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  • Human Metamorphosis
    Today we dedicate the space of the blog to show you the different textures that we have created in the first pieces that we are making of ou...

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  • Big Bang Boom Show - New project of Theatre in which we are working
    Today we dedicate our blog space to show you the new project of Theatre Show in which we are working since the end of February of this year....

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  • Contemporary art exhibition Empuriabrava ( Girona).
    This week's post is dedicated to something very special, which few of you know, everything and which is also present on our website: our gra...

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  • Mother Day
    Today I'm going to talk to you about #motherday And it is only for the first 100 people who choose a design from our Nature collection to...

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  • Karl Lagerfeld
    One of the greats died today. A master. He was born on September 10, 1933. We're talking about Karl, a great fashion designer and mast...

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  • Concept Zero Wash Fashion
    Zero Waste Fashion La industria de la moda genera anualmente gran cantidad de desechos textiles que no fueron aprovechados de manera corr...

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  • New Collection Nature
    I wish enunciate that coming soon the New Collection Nature Spring/Summer 2019

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  • A escasas horas de que se acabe el año, sin duda, una de las cosas que es más importante es que vamos a elegir ésta noche tan especial pa...

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  • Visiting Modern Tailoring
    This past thursday, i have a privilege of visitate one house of textiles of very special and tradition of quality: Gratacós house #gratac...

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