Made to measure: We make custom ceremony dresses, party suits, night, artistic and special stage costumes, children's clothing, accessories and accessories to measure and on the ideas that the customer brings. Contact us:

Personalized advice: We advise you personally to choose or carry out the design and project you want. For more information, contact us at to request an appointment.

Visit to the Atelier: We make personalized group visits to the Atelier to learn more about how I work and know my work. The minimum group is 5 people and the maximum is 15-20 per visit. This service costs 40 euros per person/day. For more details, please contact us.

Work with companies: We work with companies in the styling sector, wardrobe stylists, film production companies, TV, advertising, companies, making personalized budgets. For more information, please write to

Rental of part of the wardrobe: We offer the service of renting some particular and more artistic pieces for events, stylists, parties, etc... In order to be able to consult, which pieces can offer this service, please contact us.

Workshops: We currently offer all propositions of workshops, more information, please contacting for email