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Women and their nature


Original work on paper.

Dimensions 50x70x1 cm


This painting is the representation of mother nature within the woman. In each woman there is a part of feeling of sorrow and pain for our ancestors and the things that happened.

For me it means to go forward with our path of firm life and with the union with nature and our environment, in balance.

I think that seeing it can trigger in the viewer a feeling of sadness but at the same time of strength, of courage before the courage of the protagonist with his gaze fixed on the horizon to be able to move forward. Feelings of a great duality but at the same time I have felt them myself when realizing the painting.

I chose these measures to express these feelings because I saw that it was the right size to incorporate the two characters in different planes and at the same time give the correct harmony for the composition.

As for style, it is a personal style mixing two pictorial techniques with acrylic and gouache on paper.

Painting done on paper measuring 50x70 cm


Specific References