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  • Arrival Nature
    Today I say you that in finally of this month arrival our new collection Nature You can watch all in #nature #new collec...

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  • Karl Lagerfeld
    One of the greats died today. A master. He was born on September 10, 1933. We're talking about Karl, a great fashion designer and mast...

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  • Concept Zero Wash Fashion
    Zero Waste Fashion La industria de la moda genera anualmente gran cantidad de desechos textiles que no fueron aprovechados de manera corr...

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  • New Collection Nature
    I wish enunciate that coming soon the New Collection Nature Spring/Summer 2019

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  • A escasas horas de que se acabe el año, sin duda, una de las cosas que es más importante es que vamos a elegir ésta noche tan especial pa...

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  • The best dresses for Christmas Time
    Today I want to highlight in the blog an article that I found super interesting, more if we consider the times in which these dresses were m...

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  • Participation in EU fashion Match
    I very happy because our company is been selecionate for participate in the next EU fashion Match  This event is a great oportunity for ou...

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  • Visiting Modern Tailoring
    This past thursday, i have a privilege of visitate one house of textiles of very special and tradition of quality: Gratacós house #gratac...

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  • Today, my blog is dedicate at showroom that I participate in 23thand 24 th november The experience is very good, I can contacting with anot...

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  • Artfashion Meetup Market in greenFriday
    Hoy os quiero hablar del próximo showroom donde participaremos.Será con motivo de los días del Black Friday, donde podréis encontrar mar...

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